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Albatross Enterprises Inc.

is an Edmonton based professional drone service provider. We work across various industries providing aerial photography and we specialize in drone inspection services.

We offer complete drone services

ranging from land mapping and real estate drone photography to radiometric thermal inspections. We use the newest and most advanced commercial grade drones and sensors.

Drone photography and videography is revolutionizing work across many industries. The use of unmanned aerial vehicles continues to expand at a fast pace and it is easy to see why. From construction industry to renewable energy, and almost every other industry has benefited from the use of drone based inspections.

drone image of power plant, industrial drone inspections
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Drones provide safer, faster, cheaper and better views

of assets, especially when utilizing thermal sensors in addition to their RGB cameras. Using drones to conduct infrared inspections has been extremely valuable and game changing for some industries. Aerial infrared thermography is a proven method for conducting thorough asset inspections.

Albatross Enterprises Inc is excited to offer premium thermal inspection services using high resolution radiometric thermal sensors. Aerial photographs collected by our drones provide our customers with a clear understanding of the condition their assets are in. This enables them to make well informed decisions that help them save time and money.

Thermal images are important

when identifying problems like building’s heat loss, roof issues, water infiltration, structural cracks, HVAC issues and more. Unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with thermal cameras are crucial in industrial and infrastructure inspections as well as SAR and firefighting operations. Locating missing people, runaway pets or escaping livestock is much easier and faster when utilizing thermal drone images.

Adding a powerful optical zoom

to the drone’s RGB camera provides another detailed level of visual analysis. Our 4K visual sensor has up to 200x zoom ability which enables us to capture detailed images from away. High detailed zoomed images are also a great complimentary to our drone based thermal inspections.

We can simultaneously capture 4K wide angle view, high resolution thermal view and up to 200X zoomed in RGB view. Our high resolution radiometric thermal sensors can measure surface temperature differences to within a fraction of a degree. We can detect problems such as energy loss, water infiltration, faulty connectors, gas leaks, structural cracks, hot connections and many more.

Aerial imagery

from our UAV mapping missions is GEO referenced. That lets our clients know exactly where in the field the problems exist. This saves time when dealing with large sites sprawling hundreds of acres or linear inspections of utility lines.

Repair teams are sent to the precise locations where repairs are required. Their time on site and production down times are greatly reduced, saving time and money.

Using drone thermal cameras when inspecting solar farms is one of the prime examples how UAV’s help save time and money. Drone based inspections using infrared thermography can quickly and easily identify malfunctioning panels, cells and strings. Work that used to take days or even weeks is now completed in few hours.

aerial image of solar farm

Another great example

of using our drone services to reduce risk and down times is when inspecting flare stacks. Shutting down large operations to inspect a flare stack isn’t cost effective, however it is necessary when using traditional methods. We are able to send a drone up to take detailed images of the flare stack while it is operating. Using thermal and visual cameras, we can identify problems from a safe distance without interrupting operations or risking anyone’s safety.

At Albatross Enterprises, safety is our main priority. We go through a detailed planning process for each mission and use numerous checklists pre and post our drone flights. We follow all Covid-19 regulations and we can even live stream our drone services.

We use various DJI drones

Including the newly released Matrice M300 RTK. Released in May of 2020, this platform has truly set a new standard for commercial drone services. This drone offers up to 55 minutes of flight time and can carry up to 3 payloads at once. It is loaded with safety features and can even land safely in case one of its motors fails.

The M300 has IP 45 rating enables it to safely fly in strong winds, heavy rain and snow. It can operate in extreme cold temperatures so we can provide our drone services throughout the year.

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Aerial Data Acquisition Services

UAV Inspection Services

- Aerial Thermal Imaging Services
- Industrial and Infrastructure Asset Inspections
- Building Heat Loss and Roof Inspections
- Solar Panel Inspections
- Cell Tower Inspections

Real Estate Drone Services & Videography

- Residential and Commercial Properties
- 360° Aerial Panoramas
- Aerial Branding Videography
- Virtual Tours
- Land and Golf Course Mapping

Construction Drone Services

- Drone Construction Monitoring and Progress Reporting
- Stockpile Volume Measurements
- 2D Orthomosaic Maps and 3D Point Cloud Models
- Marketing Videos During and After Construction
- Post Completion Inspections

Drone Surveying & Mapping Services

- Thermal Mapping and Multispectral Imaging
- Field Tile Drainage Mapping
- NDVI Imagery and Crop Health Analysis
- Thermal Farm and Ranch Irrigation Surveys
- Insect and Plant Disease Detection

Transport Canada Certified

Based out of Edmonton, Alberta, we are a Fully Licensed and Insured Aerial Data Collection Service. We are also Transport Canada Certified for Advanced UAV Operations enabling us to operate legally in controlled airspaces.