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About Albatross Enterprises Inc.

Albatross Enterprises Inc. is one of Alberta’s leading professional drone service providers.

We offer our drone services in Edmonton and Alberta but we have completed commercial drone operations as far as Ontario.

We work across many industries and specialize in high detail drone inspections. Our drones collect various aerial images including radiometric thermal, high optical zoom images and 4K wide angle stills and videos. Combining these images provides a detailed look at any area of interest and identifies issues not visible to the naked eye.

Our drone pilots are Transport Canada certified for advanced UAV operations. We are fully insured with 6 Million dollar liability and WCB insurance. Our commercial drones can safely fly in harsh Canadian weather conditions such as heavy rain or snow, even in -20C degrees. This enables us to provide our drone services throughout the year.

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transport Canada approved drone and certified advanced pilot

We use professional equipment and enterprise level drones

in order to provide the ultimate data collection for our clients. Our workhorse drone is the industry’s newest and most advanced drone, the DJI’s Matrice M300 RTK. The abilities of this platform are truly amazing and it has set a new standard for commercial drone operations. We equipped this UAV with the powerful Zenmuse H20T multi-sensor.

As impressive as the new DJI M300 is, so is it’s Zenmuse H20T sensor. This drone sensor is a leader itself in the remote sensing world. It is packed with technology and houses 4 sensors inside. These include a 640×512 30Hz radiometric thermal camera, 4K wide angle camera, 20 Megapixel camera with up to 23x optical zoom and a Laser Rangefinder.

The H20T also has incredible Artificial Intelligence abilities that make inspection work a breeze.

Using this UAV platform, we can safely conduct aerial inspections of critical infrastructure, industrial facilities, solar farms, wind turbines, cell towers, residential and commercial buildings, agricultural land and more. We can simultaneously capture thermal images, 4K wide angle images and detailed zoom images. These images are collected in a single flight thus greatly improving the efficiency of aerial inspections.

At Albatross Enterprises we understand that customer satisfaction is the foundation of success.

We strive to provide highest quality and professionalism on every drone flight and project.

We also take great pride in our safe work conduct. We strictly follow our 60-page Standard Operating Procedures manual on every drone flight and extensively use checklists throughout the process.

Albatross Enterprises Inc. was founded in January of 2019 by its current CEO, Emil Ajanovic. He spent 16 years in the construction industry leading and managing projects and portfolios. Emil is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and the expertise he brings in as a PMP gives you the piece of mind that your project will be properly executed the first time.

Emil has worked with some of the pioneers in the Canadian drone photography industry. He completed a wide range of UAV related courses. These include 2 ground schools and specialty drone training from M3 Aerials, Aerobotika and NAIT. Emil is currently the chief drone pilot and oversees most of the projects at Albatross Enterprises Inc.

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Our goal is to provide premium drone services at an affordable cost

We believe in supplying our customers with crucial aerial imaging data that helps them make well informed save time and money

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well one could say a drone picture is worth thousands of dollars. We have had numerous projects where we were able to save thousands of dollars for our customers in just one flight.

By utilizing aerial photography our customers are able to make well informed decisions that save time, money and potentially human lives. Whether it’s real estate drone video or a temperature measurement using a drone thermal camera, our drone photography services simply provide a better and more cost effective views of assets.

We are looking forward to showing you how our drone services can help you save time and money. We provide Fast and Free estimates. Professional Work and Satisfaction is Guaranteed. Please contact us to learn more.

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