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Drone Services – Aerial Data Acquisition

Drone Inspection Services – Thermal Imaging

Using drones for inspections is safer, faster and cheaper when compared to traditional methods. Drone based inspections are not just for infrastructure and industrial settings, they are also used for building and roof inspections among else. We use radiometric thermal imaging in combination with powerful zoom cameras to conduct thorough asset inspections.

Aerial thermal imaging is the perfect tool for solar panel inspections, roof inspections, building envelope inspections, cell tower inspections, etc. Our powerful zoom (up to 200x) cameras work in tandem with thermal imaging cameras. We can capture high detail zoomed images of any area while keeping a safe distance and not interfering with any other operations.

We can live stream our drone inspections directly to your office for immediate feedback and analysis. Drones remove the inconvenience and safety concerns associated with having a live ground team inspect an asset. Don’t risk employee safety, let our drones do that work for you.

Construction Drone Services

Drones have made major impacts on the construction industry. Data collected by drones is beneficial in all stages of the project. Before shovels’ hit the ground, drones can map and survey the land or drones have already mapped and surveyed the land. During construction, UAV’s are used for stockpile volume measurements, construction monitoring, inspection and verification of work, safety and brand awareness videos and much more.

Aerial thermal imaging is used to check for flaws in design or construction and can easily spot insulation, moisture and HVAC problems on buildings. Using drones for construction inspections helps ensure things go as planned and that contractors have done their work correctly. Utilizing our RTK enabled drones we can make accurate stockpile measurements of any materials. Drone photography and videography is also used point out safety hazards on construction sites and to showcase your work or product.

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Drone Surveying & Mapping Services

Agriculture mapping using drones is becoming a new standard in the farming industry. Drones help farmers with crop management, drainage and farm irrigation, damage assessments, pest and disease detection and much more. Drone assisted crop monitoring using NDVI imagery provides a clear picture of the crop health.

Field tile drainage and irrigation systems are easily mapped using aerial thermal imaging. Thermal imaging is crucial in ensuring proper soil conditions on the farm. UAV thermography can also detect pests, insects and disease, enabling farmers to take action before widespread damage to the crop.

We use state of the art drones that can map up to 1000 acres a day. We equip them with high resolution thermal cameras which are used to locate missing people. With these drones we can help locate missing or escaping livestock and pets when time is of the essence.

Drought, floods, hail, fires, pest damage and disease can wipe out season’s profits. With a single drone flight we can provide accurate measurements of the damage inflicted on the crop. This data is extremely valuable for insurance adjustment procedures and compensation.

Real Estate Drone Services & Videography

Real estate aerial photography used to be reserved for luxury homes only, but cost effectiveness of drones has changed that for good. Drone use has become widespread in the industry as buyers and sellers prefer to have aerial images of the property. Both residential and commercial properties can be properly showcased from the air, speeding up the sale process.

Real estate drone photography is engaging marketing material you have at your disposal to sell your property. Aerial pictures of homes provide potential buyers with full view of the property and its surroundings. Large commercial buildings, acreages and farms can be difficult to showcase without drone photography. We create entertaining aerial videos and can add annotations and voiceover.

aerial picture of home real estate drone services