UAV Inspection Services

Drone Inspection Services

Albatross Enterprises Inc. is a leading drone company in Alberta and offers a full range of drone services. We specialize in high detail drone inspections and infrared aerial photography. We use state of the art commercial grade drones and sensors to provide premium drone inspection services.

Drones are becoming the go to tool when performing inspections across many industries. Using drones to inspect assets simply provides faster, safer and cheaper alternative then the traditional methods.

aerial image of solar farm

Our unmanned aerial vehicles are equipped with sophisticated visual and infrared cameras and can safely reach hard to access areas. Inspection work where scaffolding or rope access is required, is completed at a fraction of the cost when utilizing drones. Our aerial photographs produce a range of benefits to asset owners, managers, insurers, engineers, contractors, marketers and other stakeholders.

Drone based inspections provide a unique perspective of assets and the condition they are in. Using drone photography and aerial thermography we can detect a wide range of problems while inspecting assets. Aerial infrared imaging is used everywhere from home inspections to infrastructure and industrial inspections. Drone thermography can easily identify building heat loss, water infiltration, electrical system and HVAC issues, roof issues, structural cracks and more.

While thermal imaging is crucial for some inspections, RGB images are needed to give a complete picture of the site conditions. During our drone inspections, we simultaneously record radiometric thermal images as well as RGB wide and zoomed in images. This offers a clear picture and valuable data that generates solutions. We can generate customized reports using AI driven software programs for all of our drone inspections.

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Our Equipment

Albatross Enterprises Inc. is a premium aerial photography company utilizing the most capable industrial drones. All of our drones are Transport Canada approved for flights near and over people.

Our workhorse is the industry’s newest and most advanced drone, DJI’s MATRICE M300 RTK. It has up to 55 minutes of flight time, IP45 rating, dual RTK antennas, 6 directional sensing and much more. The M300 can safely fly in bad weather conditions like heavy rain or snow, strong wind and extreme cold temperatures.

The M300 RTK has set a whole new standard for commercial drone services. We equipped this drone with the newly released Zenmuse H20T sensor. This UAV payload houses unprecedented 4 in 1 sensors which brings a new meaning to flight efficiency.

They include a high resolution Radiometric Infrared camera (640×512px, 30Hz), 20MP RGB zoom camera (up to 23x optical zoom and 200x digital zoom, 4K/30fps video resolution), Laser rangefinder (up to 1200M) and a 12MP Wide-angle camera (Equivalent focal length 24mm; DFOV 82.9°). The H20T has advanced AI capabilities such as, Smart Inspections, AI Spot Check, Hi-Res Grid photos, Smart Track, PinPoint etc.

Solar System Inspections

Drones are incredibly cost effective when inspecting solar farms as they are 50x faster then ground teams. Aerial thermal imaging can easily detect module faults with cells and panels, as well as failures with diodes. Drones can capture RGB and thermal images in the same flight, thus providing a clear picture of the solar panel condition.

UAV aerial photographs are GEO referenced so exact field locations can be relayed to repair teams. Our infrared thermography inspection services are a perfect way to safely and efficiently check the status of rooftop installed solar system. It is highly recommended to perform regular solar panel inspections to ensure productivity and condition, especially after hail or stormy weather.

aerial inspection of powerline

Power Line and Cell Tower Inspections

Employing drones for powerline inspections are quickly becoming the new normal in the industry. This is another scenario where both thermal cameras and RGB imaging work together to provide a complete picture of T&D powerlines. Our industrial RTK drones are immune to interference from powerlines or cell towers. We use powerful zoom lenses to capture high detail aerial images of cell towers and its components.

Infrared Building Inspections & Roof Inspections

UAV thermography is crucial when it comes to a buildings roof and heat loss inspections. Drone thermal roof inspections are a proven method for detecting trapped moisture and insulation deficiencies in flat roofs. Using drones for inspecting homes will show heat loss through old doors and windows and poor insulation in walls and roofs. Our roof reports provide square footage, roof features, pitch, surface area, slope and a video of the roof and your property.

drone image of power plant, industrial drone inspections

Industrial Drone Inspections

UAV inspections can be carried out on various industrial structures such as cooling towers, flare tips, pipe racks, wind turbines. Using drones for inspections is the efficient alternative when use of aerial work platforms, scaffolding or even abseiling is required. Flare inspections can be safely completed from a safe distance without shutting down operations, saving time and money.

Insurance Industry Inspections

Drone based inspections in the insurance industry are a fast and safe way to assess the damages to property. Roofs are hard to access, crop damages can span hundreds of acres and flooded areas can be inaccessible for days.

Whether you are the insurance provider or the insured, the benefits of utilizing drone photography are potentially enormous to both parties. Assessing a site from the sky allows for a more accurate and faster claim resolution process. A picture can say a thousand words and a drone picture could save thousands of dollars.

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Search and Rescue

Unmanned aerial vehicles are a critical part of rescue team’s toolbox all over the world. Drones can cover huge areas in a short period of time, using UAV thermography to find people lost outdoors. The world’s leading drone manufacturer DJI, recently announced that worldwide a 500th person was rescued in November of 2020. Drone thermal imaging is used to locate not only missing people but runaway pets and livestock as well.

UAV Pipeline Inspections

Unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with RGB and thermal imaging cameras are great combo for pipeline inspections. They are used for surveying planned routes, monitoring construction activities, ROW overgrowth, inspecting existing lines for leaks and corrosion among else.

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Watch Our Drone Inspections via Live Feed:

We can provide live stream of our drone services. This gives our clients immediate feedback about the status of their asset, all from the safety and comfort of their office.