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Aerial drone solution have made significant impacts on many industries; none more so than the construction industry. There are countless of uses and benefits of drones in this field. We are the leading drone company in Alberta with a history of work in the construction industry. We combine high resolution drone photography and videography with aerial thermal imaging to provide valuable data throughout the project’s duration.

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Using UAV’s for surveying and mapping is an efficient way to acquire crucial data necessary for project’s success. Aerial imagery provides a complete view of the construction site putting the project into the palms of the stakeholders. UAV videography also generates engaging marketing videos pre, during and post construction by both contractors and project owners.

Our aerial data acquisition services will help you gain thorough understanding of your project. This will enable you to make better informed decisions, saving you time and money. From the planning stages to completion of construction, UAV’s provide beneficial information to stakeholders. Using ground control points and our RTK equipped drones we can collect centimeter level accuracy when mapping sites.

We can create customized virtual tours, time lapse and fly-through videos, 2D orthomosaic maps and 3D point cloud models. These will allow you to virtually navigate your site from every angle and obtain measurements of the mapped area. Having this type of information will keep you on top of your project from start to finish.

We provide accurate, up to date, cloud-based data that helps ensure transparency between stakeholders. These files are easily shareable to enhance communications, verify progress, improve safety, marketing and more. Utilizing drones to create videos of product or service is great for advertising or future bidding purposes. It also provides visual historical records that can be used for various purposes.

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Drone Construction Inspections

Ensure work is done correctly with regular drone-based inspections of your construction site. As part of our UAV services, we specialize in aerial drone inspections. We combine powerful zoom RGB cameras with infrared aerial photography to conduct thorough inspections on projects.

UAV thermography is used to identify potential flaws in design and construction or to verify contractor’s work. We use high end radiometric thermal drone imaging that can identify temperature differences on surfaces to within a fraction of a degree. Using drones for inspections can detect issues not visible to the naked eye.

Drone Construction Monitoring

We can provide daily, weekly or monthly aerial progress reports. Scheduled aerial inspections can be combined into a time lapse of worksite progress. Utilizing our drone services keeps remote teams visually informed about the project’s progress and reduces travel times.

Aerial photography shows stakeholders up to date status of the construction site. It also provides them with historical references which can be helpful in many ways.

Aerial Measurement Services

Our RTK drones provide survey grade UAV mapping and stockpile volume measurements of various materials. Utilizing UAV’s and remote sensing for stockpile measurements is accurate, efficient and safe. Using drones for mapping hazardous sites like landfills, snow disposal and excavation sites, eliminates dangerous walk-throughs thus greatly improving safety of employees.

We generate accurate measurement reports which will help verify contractors work and keep you on top of your stockpile volume management. Stockpile measurements can be created with great accuracy for the entire worksite, or for specific areas such as fill piles.

Roof Inspection Services

Roofing industry is another construction niche that has greatly benefited from drone photography and videography. Measuring roofs with drones is safer and faster than traditional methods. Our drone roof reports are accurate and show surface area, perimeter, pitch, edge types and measurements.

Drone photography and videography is also used to settle roof damage disputes with insurance providers. Commercial buildings often have flat roofs which are notorious for their hidden problems. By utilizing aerial thermal imaging we can detect roof defects not visible to the naked eye.

Drone Services in Edmonton

Jobsite Modeling

Aerial data collected for inspections, mapping and measurements can also be used to create an overall jobsite map. Both 2D and 3D modeling are readily available to give you a complete view of your entire construction site.

While flying over a location, our drones take hundreds of georeferenced pictures which we later process using photogrammetry software to create accurate 2D orthomosaic maps and 3D point cloud models. Using these maps and models we can measure distances, volumes, grades, heights, count inventory, etc. We can also create virtual tours of 3D models. Furthermore, our maps and models are easily integrated with CAD and GIS software programs for further analysis.

Improved Jobsite Safety

Drones drastically enhance safety on construction sites. Flying a drone over a site can show employees H&S risks in real-time. This enables managers to demonstrate moving vehicles, moving cranes, active excavation areas or any other hazards found on the jobsite. Drone photography and videography is used in onboarding videos as a perfect way to show new employees layout of the area.

UAV Construction Reports

UAV’s are an incredible tool and their potentials are really shown in the construction industry. There are many uses of drones on construction sites. Regardless of the stage the construction project is in, UAV mapping and aerial images can be extremely valuable asset to have.

Thanks to drones, what only a few years ago was deemed impossible is becoming a new standard. Among many benefits, drones give us the ability to see the project from anywhere. Unmanned aerial vehicles connect the physical and virtual jobsites.

Remote sensing and drone photography greatly improve communications and overall productivity on projects. Having that 360° bird’s eye view of the construction site really puts everything into a perspective.

Whether you are looking for pictures, videos, mapping or thermal imaging, your ability to stay informed and make the right decisions on your project will greatly improve by utilizing our drone services.